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    Residential Contracting Services Quality Home Improvements We Offer

    Commercial Roofing Contractors One of the best ways to add aesthetic appeal to your property is by investing in a commercial roofing system.

    Whether you own a retail business, warehouse, office building, restaurant, commercial rental property, or even a hospital, you want to keep it protected and safe. A modern roof to fend off the elements is one of the best ways to keep your property secure and insure your investment. We provide commercial roofing systems for all types of roofs and buildings.

    Our professional roofers will help with your commercial property’s needs. Whether you are seeking repair or replacement , Indigo’s roofing division can handle any size project.
    A metal roof is a very durable roofing option with little maintenance needed. Metal roofing has a great future as a roofing option on commercial buildings. Most new metal roofing comes in the form of factory-made steel panels. Ridges formed in the panels form overlapping seams during roof installation. Factory-applied finishes provide corrosion resistance and color choices.
    We can repair or replace any kind of commercial roofing system. Many flat roofs will be EPDM rubber, which is very popular due to its economical and long lasting qualities. TPO, PVC (great for restaurants!) and asphalt (built up and SBS) are also some of the flat commercial roof options. Lastly, our roof coatings are certified, which can fix leaks, waterproof, or reflect Ultra Violet rays that could destroy your roof.
    We can install almost any roof type on the market – flat, low or steep slope – while delivering top-notch quality, safety and service. If you have a special roofing need such as a cedar shake roof, tile roof, slate roof, or even a green roof solution we are here to make that dream a reality. We expect to see more commercial properties adopt solar integrated roofs as time progresses.
    Hire A Professional Roofing Company Protection above for your property below.

    When it comes time to quote your new roof make sure you call our trusted industry professionals. No matter the need we have financing and tools in place to make sure you get the most out of your roof. Even if we happen not to be the best fit for your project we can point you in the right direction.

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    Multi-Family Homes Condominiums, Apartment Buildings, Row Houses, and Townhouses.

    Nothing shows age of an older multi-family residence quite like your roof. As an owner of a multi-family residence, your responsibility is to maintain the dwelling and ensure that it meets the needs of your buyers or tenants. You can achieve this by making sure that the roofing system, gutters, windows, and doors are of top quality.

    Perhaps the most challenging complication landlords and property managers have to deal with are the tenants … especially when the roof begins leaking causing property damage and loss. To avoid unpleasant legal situations, owners and mangers should have a professional roofer on standby for emergencies. Indigo also can help with repairs and renovations of older complexes and buildings.


    Our multi-family residence owners love having a professional roofer on call to avoid property damage and loss for their tenants.


    According to the US Census Bureau 35% of the population rents and more than 58 million people live in some form of multi-family residence.

    Eric West CO-OWNER

    Zach Birge CO-OWNER

    Eric and Zach have many years of experience in the construction industry starting at young ages. They also have all worked for big names here in Indianapolis in key roles. Both principles of Indigo Renovations ventured out to start their own companies before coming together to form Indigo Renovations.

    With their combined skills in Roofing, Remodeling, and Demolition you can be assured you are working with some of Indy’s hardest working tradesmen.

    Indigo Renovations main focus is on roofing and remodeling for Multi-Family units and residential customers. Through their experiences and interaction with customers they found they could better help customers compared to other contractors. The Indigo team’s passion for roofing and remodeling is infectious. The breadth of experience and knowledge from many years in the industry provides this company with the ideal background to handle remodeling projects of any size. Licensed, bonded, and insured, the Indigo team loves what they do and it shows.

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